Fact Sheet

Sclerotherapy - Frequently Asked Questions

Recovery time: It’s a simple procedure and virtually painless so no anaesthetic is required. You can normally drive and go about your usual activities following treatment. Following the injections it’s important that the veins stay in a collapsed state, therefore cotton balls and a compression wrap may be applied and compression stockings may be required to promote proper healing and help assist shrinkage of the veins.

Some bruising and pigmentation may occur around the treatment areas but this will fade. The treated veins will begin to fade within a few weeks.

How often: You will most likely need several treatments spaced approximately four to six weeks apart. Although the number of treatments required varies, most people will need two to four sessions.

Results: You will see a significant improvement in the treated veins although depending on the thickness and extent of the veins being treated they may not be removed completely. However, this is a safe and effective procedure that will visibly reduce the appearance of thread veins and more often than not people who undergo sclerotherapy are delighted with the results.

Suitable for: Thread veins on the legs. Laser and IPL machines are more suitable if you have large areas of your legs affected by thread veins, and microwave treatment may be a better option for very small thread veins that are difficult to inject.

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