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Facial menus can be confusing: Too much jargon can make you wish you had a medical degree, and all the food references can seem as if you're ordering dinner along with your treatment.  So to make life easier, our  Environ and Dermalogica Skin specialists offer COMPLIMENTARY Consultations so that we can offer you the best in salon treatments and after care products to meet your skins needs. 

When you're choosing a facial for your skin issues, here are a few things to consider:

•  Know the basics. A classic facial usually involves cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, a mask, and a moisturizer, and is great for anyone with normal to dry skin. Extractions are safe for most people, as long as your Beauty Therapist first uses steam to soften the pores, and covers her fingers with gauze. Extractions do pinch, but if the pain is intense, ask your therapist stop. Too much pressure can break capillaries. Never let your Beauty Therapist use an extractor; these tools can cause scarring and discoloration. If you experience rosacea or eczema, let your therapist know as the steaming (which can exacerbate those conditions) needs to be skipped, they can use a warm cloth instead.

•  Treat it right. If you have acne, the lotions in a classic facial—and even the massage itself—can cause a breakout. The words "clarifying" or "purifying" on the treatment menu usually mean that the facial is designed for acne-prone skin. It should include a cleanser with salicylic acid, a clay mask, and a lactic acid peel. Make sure your Beauty Therapist avoids scrubs; applying these can irritate the skin and cause scarring.  Ask your Beauty Therapist for a COMPLIMENTARY Skin Analysis so we can tailor the perfect skin care regime for you.

•  Get a glow. To address fine lines and other aging issues, pick a facial with a little extra exfoliation.  At Uniquely You we offer various treatments for every skin type. microdermabrasion could be perfect for you, and If your concern is dull skin, why not try our Environ Facials - the results are simply amazing

•  Splurge on the right things. Treatments that sound a little crazy, such as ones with caviar, snake venom, or gold dust, are usually gimmicks. However, there are a few extras that do produce real results. LED facials that use red and blue light will kill bacteria and help heal acne, while red light treatments stimulate collagen production with no recovery time.  If this is what you are after then our CACI Ultimate treatments are right for you, we can also plump your lips, comb out your wrinkles, lift your eyes, this truly is the ultimate treatment for ultimate results.

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